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Property Rental Software - Frequently Asked Questions

What can the software do for me?

Can I personalise the service I offer to my visitors?

The software provides the opportunity to sell additional extras such as flowers on arrival or servicing or bike hire during their stay. You can easily edit these features and their retrospective prices through the admin panel as needed.

Can the standard booking software be customised in order to fit with my website?

The software contains an inbuilt colour picker so you can customise the software to blend seamlessly with the appearance of your current website.

How much flexibility do I have to change the lengths of available holidays?

The system is able to accommodate any combination and variety of stay types.  The system comes pre-loaded with week availability from Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday and weekend breaks from Friday to Monday with Mid week breaks from Wednesday to Friday. Although ideally these stay-types will be set-up initially, the system is very flexible and can be adjusted easily by you the user, to accommodate any number of stay-type combinations.

Suppose I receive a request for a booking via telephone or from another source I use for advertisement. Is this a problem?

The booking system comes with a back office admin panel that allows you to easily input telephone or email bookings into the system. So as long as you can gain access to the Internet on request of these bookings, you can secure these dates as ‘booked’ within a few minutes.

Can I use PRS in Conjunction with my other Booking Agent?

Yes.   If you want to maximise bookings, it is advisable to list your site in as many places as possible, other booking agents being one of them.  Getting your site listed in directories and in brochures will drive more traffic to your holiday home rental site where you keep more per booking than through an agency.  However, you must check your particular contract with the agent.  If they have exclusive rights to certain months then you will have to block those off in PRS.

Taking Payments

What Do I Need to Take Credit Card Bookings?

Technically nothing more than a PayPal account, you can use PayPal to take credit cards.  However, if you don't want to use PayPal, to accept credit card bookings you need two things:

  • A UK merchant bank account
  • An internet payment gateway

If you already run a UK business, ask your existing bank about merchant services. 

What do I need to take deposits?

You need credit card processing facilities (not PayPal) with a recurring payment facility.  Again, pass us the recurring payment number along with your internet merchant id and we’ll sort the rest out.

How does the deposit system work?

If you decide you would prefer to take deposit payments, these are currently set at a rate of 1/3 of the total cost of the holiday. Just like real-life, the remaining balance is then taken at an agreed future date, as determined by you.

Setting up the software

Is it difficult to setup?  Do I need to be a computer expert?

We will fully install the system into your current website and will remain available for technical support, to ensure you get the most from the software. (If you don't have a website, read about our web design services, specially catered for the holiday home market here.)  The system comes with a user manual to guide you through the set-up and use of the software, including everything from editing and deleting availability to performing a refund.  If you can browse the internet, you can use our software.

I have my own secure servers, can I host the service myself?

This is not currently an option.

How will customers find my new booking site?

We offer a comprehensive Internet Marketing package specifically tailored for the hospitality market.  This includes:

  • Extensive keyword research tailored to your property type and location and target audience
  • Inclusion in all the top holiday and property directories
  • Keyword density and keyword efficiency index research
  • Optimisation of your website according to the findings of our research
  • Google/overture adwords consultancy
  • Link building with relevant partner sites
  • Submission to all major search engines

Please give us a call on 01524 510580 or email us to discuss our Marketing package.

Can I take credit cards with the PayPal version?

Yes.  PayPal will process the credit cards for you and the money will be transferred to your PayPal account.  However, customers will be re-directed to PayPal to complete the billing process.  You can also take credit cards without customers leaving the site if you have an internet merchant account.

What Costs are involved after I’ve purchased the software?

We charge an ongoing charge of 10 UKP a month for hosting , upgrades and telephone/email support of single property systems and 20 UKP a month for multi property systems.  That’s all we will ever charge.  Your bank and PayPal will also charge you a transaction processing fee.  Up to date information on PayPal’s fee’s can be found here, the rate with your bank is usually negotiable.


Can I purchase an unlimited property license?

Yes. Please contact us for details.


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